Science of cooking hard boiled eggs

No rocket science needed to cook up some hard boiled eggs. When it comes to being successful in cooking hard boiled eggs, it is all about the time and temperature.

Place eggs in a pot of cold water. Turn on the heat and wait until water has almost come to a boil. Cover the pot, then turn off the flame. Let the pot sit with the cover on for the desired amount of time which depends on the consistency of the egg white and yolk preferred. (see below)cooking hard boiled eggs

The temperature of the egg at the start of the cooking process will affect the cooking time. An egg that is at room temperature at the start of the cooking process will require about 1 minute less cooking time for each time listed above.

It is not necessary to keep the water boiling as the proteins in eggs coagulate well below 100°C. Egg whites begins to thicken at 63°C and become solid at 65°C. The yolk begins to thicken at 70°C . The whole egg sets around 73°C. Heating eggs to 73°C will not cause eggs to be overcooked unless they are left in that temperature for an extended period.

After it is cooked according to the consistency you like, strain out the water and run cold water over the eggs to stop them from cooking further.


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