Wild Alaskan Salmon is gold standard for nutrition

Would you buy a Wild Alaskan salmon for $19.90 per 200g? You would be paying twice the amount as compared to salmons found in supermarkets which is normally farmed salmon unless stated otherwise. It seems like such an extravagant price tag for food. But what we completely avoid to ask is why our Norwegian or Chilean Salmons are so much cheaper? Farmed salmons are available all year round. Farms can raise up to a “million” salmons at one time. Usually, farm pens are essentially open and there is enormous amount of diseases and parasites and laden waste is routinely allowed to contaminate the waters around the farm.

This is why large volume of antibiotics are used in farming to treat salmons exposed to diseases and parasites. Antibiotics are fed though medicated baths and food. Frequent consumption of food with antibiotics pose a risk to human health as we become resistant to antibiotic treatments.Wild caught salmon vs farmed salmo

Once you realise how different wild caught and farmed salmon are , you will see why opting for a cheaper fish isn’t a wiser choice. When it comes to wild caught salmon, there are vast benefits of consuming them. The most obvious benefit is nutrition. Wild salmons are out eating what they’ve been programmed to eat for millenia which are marine organisms that have the full range of micro-nutrients -fats, minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients. Farmed salmons are fed with a lot of grain products such as corn, soy or genetically modified. You are what you eat and with farmed salmon , you will be consuming a lot of things that salmons aren’t naturally suppose to eat.

With farmed salmon, it contains higher content of Omega-6. A higher ratio of omega-6 is not necessarily healthier. Having an imbalance in dietary EFA’s towards Omega 6’s is going to cause inflammation in the body.  Inflammation is connected to a number of chronic diseases including heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and neuro-degenerative diseases. Therefore, if you are trying to improve the ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 in your body, farmed salmon is not helping. Wild caught salmon contain less fat, saturated fat and less sodium than farm-raised salmon. Less saturated fats in your diet will improve cholesterol levels in the blood and reducing the risk of heart disease.

Though we have to pay a higher price tag for better food, it eventually pays off when we receive all the nutritional benefits from these natural & healthy foods!


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