Why paleo diet?

Paleo diet also known as the caveman diet has become an intriguing and popular lifestyle to adopt in recent times. Weight loss seems to be the #1 reason in adopting a paleo diet. Paleo diet is a diet based on the type of foods eaten by early humans which consist of mainly meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. The core of the paleo diet is to exclude grains, sugars and modern vegetable oils and replace them with higher-quality meat, fish eggs and vegetables.

To understand why the Paleo diet is so popular among the dieticians and experts , we first need to understand the origin of the paleo diet. Paleo diet was first introduced by the gastroenterologist Walter L Voegtin. He believed human beings are naturally carnivorous and that our genetic blueprint came from our ancestors of the Paleolithic era. Following a paleo diet like our ancestors is believed to keep us naturally healthy to the fullest level.

With the caveman diet, it is the most fundamental of all diets as it involves putting only natural food in our stomachs. Foods that are not loaded with sodium, hydrogenated oils, unnatural sugars and preservatives. When we start eating like a caveman, our bodies are flooded with nutrients and our livers are not overworked which helps us efficiently detox our bodies from toxic material. Naturally, our bodies are stronger and our skin revitalized. Our immune systems start working better , preventing us from falling sick and fighting off infections or diseases.

Paleo diet only promotes foods that provide minerals and nutrients that are vital to your body. Foods in the paleo diet are natural; from the soil, animal meat or grow on trees. The best thing we can do for our bodies is to feed it with natural and organic produce and this is the foundation of the paleo diet.

After years of eating junk and processed food, our bodies are inflamed from saturated fats and our immune system is not as great as it should be. Our bodies lack the necessary nourishment and are congested with toxins accumulated. Inflammation is one of the key drivers of cancers and heart disease. If we can prevent inflammation in our bodies, we can greatly reduce cancer rates and heart diseases provided we start eating better and more naturally.

The benefits of following a paleo diet:

Better Gut Health

Leaky gut syndrome is when our intestinal walls are breached and food or things end up leaking from the the walls. Sugar and processed junk causes inflammation within our intestinal tract and this is what causes leaky gut syndrome.

Fructose is limited 

The introduction of fructose corn syrup in food manufacturing is one of the drivers of obesity, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Due to our body digesting this type of sugar differently, it is best to have it limited in our diets.

Reduced inflammation

The foods in a paleo diet are anti- inflammatory. The focus on omega 3 fatty acids is one of the reasons the diet is anti- inflammatory. Pasture raised animals have a better ratio of omega 3 to 6 ratios.

Weight loss

With the reduced intake of carbohydrates and junk food, unwanted fat gain is minimised leading to better weight management and weight loss to some. Moreover, paleo diets helps us shrink our fat cells as our carb intake is limited.

Reduce risk of diseases

Due to the focus on eating natural, organic foods & whole foods, paleo diet limits our risk for diseases as the foods we consume are nutritious, healthy and beneficial for the body.




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