Crab panang curry

Crawling up our sunny shores, the Mud Crab, aka Sri Lankan Crabs, are in season now! Crabs are a huge favourite in Singapore. The passion we invest in our crabs made us Singaporeans proud owners of many internationally sought after recipes such as the Singapore Chili Crab, Salted-Egg Crab, Rice Wine Crab Vermicelli, Butter Cream Crab, and the list goes on.

We previously shared a recipe for Salted-Egg Crab and I believe many locals are familiar with the other recipes too. We will definitely be sharing our own crab recipes in the coming week. However, we chanced upon this really interesting and yummy Thai Curry Crab recipe we really want to share with you. Being geographically close, this Thai curry dish was influenced by Penang’s cuisine.


2 fresh crabs (about 1kg – 1.5kg), chopped
2 cups (16oz, 500ml) thick coconut milk
4 tbsp panang curry paste
2 tbsp palm sugar
2-3 tbsp thai fish sauce
7 kaffir lime leaves
1/2cup (30-45ml) fresh basil leaves
3-5 red chilli padi, sliced


Heat the oil in a large pan set over medium heat. Add Panang Chilli Paste, stir constantly until fragrant. Add the crabs, chilli, fish sauce, palm sugar, kaffir lime leaves, basil. Stir continuously to ensure that the crab is coated nicely with the spices. Add coconut milk, stir for 3-5 minutes to prevent the coconut milk from separating from its natural oil.Simmer for about 5-10 minutes before serving.

*Panang Chilli Paste can be found in most thai provision shops in Singapore.

Photo Credit: Elra’s cooking

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