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Paleo Sausage Egg Breakfast Sandwich

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  • Created Nov 26, 2015

Ingredients 2 tablespoons ghee, divided (plus more for greasing the biscuit cutters) ¼ pound bulk raw pork breakfast sausage 2 large eggs Kosher salt Freshly ground black pepper ¼ cup water 1 heaping tablespoon guacamole (optional) Method  Grab two stainless steel 3½-inch biscuit cutters,...

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Chris’ Takeaway : Heirloom recipes

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  • Created Oct 26, 2015

Chef Chris Millar, and Chef Jean Philippe Patruno, share some mouth-watering 'heirloom' recipes that have been passed down through their families. Jean Philippe talks us through the ins and outs of making an authentic Spanish octopus stew, while Chris gives us the recipe to his Grandmother's moreish apple and rhubarb...

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Chris’ Takeaway : Tekka Market and Kelong BBQ fish

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  • Created Oct 23, 2015

Chef Chris Millar takes us shopping at Singapore's Tekka Market, and guides us on how to select fresh fish. Then it's off to a kelong, where we learn how to prepare Sri Lankan Crab and Green Mango Salad, and fragrant Hamachi Collars barbequed over fried coconut husks.

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Best & Worst Foods for healthy skin

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  • Created Oct 21, 2015

Our diet plays a critical role in the health of our skin. Given our climate and lifestyle in Singapore, our choice of food can make all the difference for a healthy skin. Here's a quick guide of the Best and Worst Foods for healthy skin: