The low down on cleaning bamboo clams

    1. Rinse each clam in very cold water to get off the worst of the sand.
    2. Put the bamboo clams in boiling water for 6 seconds till their shells open.
    3. Once shells are opened, scoop the clams out and submerge in cold water or ice water to stop the cooking.
    4. Use either a knife or kitchen scissors to cut open from the bottom to top.
    5. Snip off the darkened end of the siphon. Open the clam up and work from the inside out and remove the darkish bits and the stomach.
    6. Once it is cleaned, rinse the butterflied clam one last time to remove any leftover unwanted bit and move it to your waiting bowl resting ice water. Cleaned clams will be able to be kept in the refrigerator in an air tight container for a few days.

For a quick recipe try: Bamboo Clams in Garlic

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