Substituting a broiler with oven-bake function

An oven set to bake and an oven set to broil both use dry heat to cook food in different ways. You can substitute baking for broiling, but not the other way around. All that is needed is a few minor adjustments in cooking time and temperature.

How does Broiling and Baking work in your oven:
Broil: heat radiation directly on food underneath it.
Bake: heating element heats up the air inside the oven, creating an indirect, ambient heat to cook food.

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As heat surrounds food during baking, instead of radiating on it, it takeslonger to reach the interior and therefore longer to cook. Here’s what we recommend when substituting a broiler for baking:

  • Set oven to 175C or 350F when bakign meat instead
    of broiling it. Lower the oven temperature to lower the temperature on the surface on the meat. This would ensure that your meat does not char on the surface and be left uncooked on the inside.
  • Bake meats for three to four times longer than you would broil them, depending on thickness. Steaks usually take 5 minutes to reach rare under a broiler, about 6 minutes to reach medium and 8 minutes to reach well done. So a baked steak needs about 15-18 minutes to reach rare, 25 minutes to reach medium and about 35-40 minutes to reach well done. (*this is on a basis that the steak is about 300-400g thick.)

Here’s 3 simple steps for broiling Beef:

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