Kitchen basics: Knowing the different types of cuts

The principles listed below can be used to chop any type of food. When chopping food, you will always create one of three shapes when chopping: slices, sticks and cubes.

Slices: Slices are the first and basic cut made before it can be cut into sticks.

Slicing method

Sticks: Sticks are slices that cut into even proportions that are often longer than they are wide.

How to cut food into sticks

Diced (also known as chopped): Sticks that are cut into evenly- sized pieces. They are about 1-3 inches in size.

How to Dice carrots

Julienne: A slice that is cut into matchstick sized pieces. It is approximately 1/8 inch wide and 1-3 inches long. Normally, you will julienne an item before you finely dice it.

How to julienne vegetables


Finely Diced: It is when you cut evenly into approximately 1/4 inch pieces.

How to finely dice onions

Minced: It is pieces cut smaller than 1/4 inch. Garlic is often minced in recipes.

How to mince vegetables

Shredded: Carrots are normally grated or shredded in short , thin pieces using a box grater or shredding disc on a food processor.

How to shred carrots

Grated: Items like raw garlic are finely minced using a fine box grater or zester.

How to grate garlic

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