The wonders of the pressure cooker

Cooking with a pressure cooker is a whole new way of cooking. With a pressure cooker, you can’t touch or see the meat or vegetables unlike being able to saute , stir fry or boil it. Cooking successfully with a pressure cooker relies on a new bank of knowledge that we have to acquire.

What is a pressure cooker?
Essentially, a pressure cooker is just a pot with a semi-sealed lid and a valve that controls the pressure inside. The steam captured in the pot builds up hence increasing the pressure in the pot. This pressure in turn raises the boiling point of water. At a certain pressure, the boiling point of water can increase from 100 °C to 120 °C and cooking time drops substantially.  The high pressure in the vessel helps force liquid and moisture into the food quickly which helps tough meat become tender.

Pressure cooker should become a  necessity in our everyday lives because of the time constraints of work, family and the need to eat healthily. But if you ask around, not many people own a pressure cooker. Some of the reasons being ;fear of having it blow up in their faces or it looks too complicated to use. Everyone should know that it is not only easy to use a pressure cooker but once you learn how to handle it, you will end up cooking a lot more dishes with a lot less time and effort!

The benefits of the pressure cooker

benefits of the pressure cooker

  1. Foods cook 70-90% faster in the pressure cooker( potatoes in 10 instead of 45 minutes)
  2. With less time on the stove, foods retain their nutrients. Vegetables spend less time than if they were steamed or boiled without pressure. This reduces the impact that higher heat would normally have on vitamin retention.
  3.  Although, microwave does help retain the nutrients of food as well, pressure cooking is natural and relies on pressure to cook the food.
  4. Your meats become so tender and juicy, are cooked in half  the time. I had the tastiest and most tender  lamb chop when I cooked with a pressure cooker.
  5. Foods are less likely to lose their colour and flavour due to the shorter cooking time. Pressure cooking enhances the richness and natural flavours of foods.
  6. You can ensure there will be no oil splashes or boil overs to clean up when cooking. Plus, there is really only one pot to wash.

Trust us once you remove the mystery and fear of handling the pressure cooker, this would be your new favourite cooking hardware. Some little reminders, be in the habit of keeping your face away from the pot opening when the steam is being released. When you are purchasing a pressure cooker, pay attention to the psi. Ensure that you select a pressure cooker that gives you the highest psi. Since a pressure cooker can be used for a lifetime, we recommend purchasing higher quality brands which are made of aluminum or stainless steel.



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